The Mont Blanc Massif in August

Tuesday 23 April, 2019

The Chamonix valley in August can be something of a revelation for those who’ve not spent any time in the high mountains in the summer. Naturally, temperatures on the valley floor are generally hotter than at altitude and the microclimate that surrounds Europe’s highest mountain, Mont Blanc, contributes to creating a tropical feel in late summer.

For storm lovers, then the heat generated ‘grand orages’ - impressive thunder and lightning storms - which break and then dissipate quickly mean it can feel more like the Mediterranean than the Mont-Blanc Massif.

The days are generally long and sunny – in August 2018, 22 out of the 31 days were simply that! Average temperatures sit at about 18°C but that figure really does belie the reality though. Check out the temperature predictions provided for August 2019 – with day time temperatures expected to be in the high 20s all month. 

Throughout the summer season, there are generally long periods of stable weather which surround the Mont-Blanc Massif and turn the Chamonix valley into the perfect family holiday playground.

Whilst temperatures begin to drop towards the end of August – often to coincide with the Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc and the iconic trail race - the steep-sided nature of the valley acts to reflect the sun and local temperatures often exceed 30°C. 

Whether you are wandering around Chamonix town or exploring the high mountains, then factor 50 sun-screen is a must as the altitude makes a huge difference to the sun’s strength.

The other glorious thing about August is the fact that the mountain lakes around the Mont-Blanc Massif truly come into their own with water temperatures approaching 20°C. There are no shortage of mountain lakes within an hour’s drive of the Chamonix valley, so if you want beach time as well as mountain time or just love open water swimming, a week’s holiday at BlackRock is the perfect base from which to have it all.

Choose from Lake Passy just 20 minutes’ drive from the lodge. It’s accessible all summer and in August there are dedicated swimming areas and sandy beaches to be enjoyed, not to mention the amazing views of Mont Blanc.

In Combloux you can discover the mountain bio lake with water naturally purified by more than 10,000 plants and heated by the sun to temperatures which reach some 26°C. Just pure crystalline waters also facing Mont Blanc. 

Whilst, in Sallanches you’ll find a choice of three lakes, one for fishing, one for swimming and one for windsurfing together with all manner of activities surrounding them from picnic spaces to fitness trails.

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Tuesday 23 April, 2019