Terms & Conditions

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Accommodation | Bed Linen | Towels | Bathrobes
All our guests will be accommodated at BlackRock Ski Lodge and all bed linen, towels and bathrobes will be provided.
Alcohol will only be served to adults aged 18 years or over. Guests are requested to consume alcohol sensibly, and any guest who does not comply with this request, may be asked to vacate the Lodge.
Arrival and Security Deposits
On arrival at the Lodge you will:
  • need to provide valid photographic identification (passport or driver’s license is acceptable) for security purposes
  • be required to report any existing damage to the property, to the owners during the first day of arrival
  • be asked to provide credit or debit card as a security deposit/pre-authorisation amount (as outlined below) will be taken/held on your account.

This is to cover any incidental items including (but not limited to): bar services, telephone calls, additional ski lessons, breakages/damages, excessive cleaning charges above the normal level of cleaning. The pre-authorised amount is set aside by the credit card company for a period of your stay.

On your departure, providing there is no damage, in addition to that reported during the first day of arrival, bills outstanding or chalet property missing, and, the Lodge is left in a clean and tidy state, the security deposit will be released following turn around cleaning.

Security deposits and cleaning charges:
  • Fully Catered - BlackRock Ski Lodge will block a security deposit amount of €500 per couple on arrival or €3000 for a full chalet booking.
  • Bed & Breakfast - BlackRock Ski Lodge will block a security deposit amount of €300 per room on arrival.
  • Self-Catering - BlackRock Ski Lodge will block a security deposit amount of €2,000 on arrival.
  • Self-Catering Extra Cleaning Charge - A cleaning charge of €150 will be deducted from your credit card upon your departure.
Bar Services
We provide an honesty bar stocked with a variety of beverages in the main living area. This is available to all guests over the age of 18 years. To enjoy this service, please follow the instructions in the bar register provided and note what you drink. The bar is replenished each morning and a stocktake completed. Your bar bill will be calculated at the end of your stay and is payable in cash prior to departure.
  • MISE À JOUR COVID-19 au cours de l'hiver 2020/2021, le solde impayé de votre réservation sera payable en totalité quatre semaines avant le début de votre séjour au lieu de 10 semaines au BlackRock Ski Lodge. dans le cas où un gouvernement mis des restrictions de voyage en raison de Covid-19 alors qui vous empêche de prendre vos vacances au BlackRock Ski Lodge, nous rembourserons votre acompte de 100% en totalité. 
  • MISE À JOUR COVID-19 au cours de l'hiver 2020/2021 dans le cas où un gouvernement mis des restrictions de voyage en raison de Covid-19 alors qui vous empêche de prendre vos vacances au BlackRock Ski Lodge, nous rembourserons votre acompte de 30% en totalité. 

Booking Periods – Check-In and Check-Out

[COVID 19 UPDATE - until further notice your stay at BlackRock Ski Lodge will commence at 5 pm on the first day of your booking period and finish at 9.30 am on the last day of the booking period. This is to ensure adequate time for our team to meet the detailed cleaning protocols required by the Government.

• The normal booking period will usually be from Saturday to Saturday unless previously agreed. • The long weekend option is Thursday to Sunday. • Your stay at BlackRock Ski Lodge will commence at 4.00 p.m. on the first day of your booking period and finish at 10.00 a.m. on the last day of your booking period. • Should you need to change, or leave luggage at the Lodge outside of these timings, please state this in the arrival and departure details on your booking form and we will endeavour to accommodate your requirements. Out of courtesy to other guests however, access to the communal areas will not be made available. • Personal belongings left are done so at your own risk.

Broadband | Television | WiFi
Broadband and WiFi connection and satellite television/Apple television with a selection of international news, sport and entertainment channels are offered free of charge. Films are available to rent at an additional cost via an on-line provider. A selection of DVDs, books and board games are also available to guests. We ask that these are returned to their boxes/shelves once you have finished with them so that they are available for the benefit of other guests.
Cancellation Policy
All cancellations received more than ten weeks before the start of the booking period: the full deposit will be forfeit together with any additional deposits/amounts charged for additional services requested and booked by BlackRock Ski Lodge on your behalf. All cancellations received ten weeks before the start of the stay: 50% of the total price of the holiday will be forfeit together with any additional deposits/amounts charged for additional services requested and booked by BlackRock Ski Lodge on your behalf. All cancellations received less than six weeks before the start of the holiday: the total price of the holiday will be forfeit together with any additional deposits/amounts charged for additional services requested and booked by BlackRock Ski Lodge on your behalf. Notwithstanding force majeure, bookings cancelled by BlackRock Ski Lodge will result in a full refund, including the deposit, within 30 days of notification of the event. All cancellations must be received in writing using the contact details provided by BlackRock Ski Lodge at time of booking.
Common Areas
For the comfort of guests and other residents noise must be kept to a minimum at all times. There cannot be any noise outside the Chalet between 10pm and 6am to comply with French Law.
Concierge Service
Our concierge service is offered to all our guests and we will be happy to make all arrangements for you including the following (which will be charged as an additional cost in accordance with our Booking and Payment terms): • Babysitting | children’s day care • Equipment hire including fitting and servicing at the Lodge: climbing equipment | bicycles | skis | snowboards • Mountain guides and instructors for: off-piste skiing | skiing touring | heli-skiing guides | ice climbing • Packed lunches • Use of the washing machine and dryer • Ski lift passes and insurance (Carte Neige) • Skiing | snowboarding lessons • VIP Driver between 0800 to 1800 for self-catering holidays
Damage to the Lodge
With the exception of regular wear and tear, you are responsible for any and all damage caused by any of your party. Should any damage, breakage or loss to the property, or additional cleaning exceed the value of the security deposit be required, you will be liable to pay the additional value. Any breakages or damage to the property of BlackRock Ski Lodge must be advised to a member of staff immediately. In the event of any damage being sustained to the Lodge during your stay, you will be notified in advance of the cost of repair/replacement, so that you have the opportunity to discuss the matter with us. Any damages (including those not notified to BlackRock Ski Lodge prior to departure) will be charged at cost and deducted from your credit card security deposit unless you make alternative payment arrangements.
Disputes / Complaints
In the very unlikely event of any disputes, we will use this document as a basis for any resolution so please read it carefully before confirming your booking, and ensure that you understand what you expect from your stay at Black Rock Ski Lodge.
Footwear & Parking

Outdoor footwear is not permitted in the Lodge so please bring some appropriate indoor footwear.

Parking is available for 4 cars at the Lodge. Guests do park at their own risk and BlackRock Ski Lodge is not liable for any damage caused to any vehicule parked on the drive. In the winter only cars with winter tyres and/or chains are permitted on the drive.  

Force Majeure
• BlackRock Ski Lodge does not accept any liability arising or pay compensation for: • Any cancellation, loss, delay or costs arising or connected with adverse weather or traffic conditions, avalanche, mud slips, slides and snow conditions and the affect that any of these may have on travel arrangements, accommodation and activities. • Limitations imposed by resort authorities, ski-lifts, ski school or ski- hire operators. • Travel arrangements made by you or on your behalf. • Any event which BlackRock Ski Lodge could not foresee or avoid. Such events include war, threat of war, civil strife, terrorist activity, industrial dispute, natural or nuclear disaster, adverse weather conditions such as lack of snow, and fire.
General Conduct
You are responsible for ensuring that you conduct yourselves in an orderly manner. Unless you have booked the Lodge exclusively, other guests may be staying at the same time. We want all our guests to have an enjoyable holiday, so we expect all guests to have consideration for others. BlackRock Ski Lodge reserves the right to intervene if it considers that a guest’s activities are illegal, noisy or offensive, and to exclude or remove any and all persons from the premises without liability if they consider such action is necessary. Any guests and/or guests removed from the premises will forfeit the full amount paid for the booking without any further obligations from BlackRock Ski Lodge. To ensure the enjoyment of all the shared facilities for all guests only those listed on the booking form may use the Lodge facilities. The number of guests must not exceed the booking details.
Housekeeping and Cleaning Policy

Nous suivons toutes les directives du gouvernement concernant le nettoyage du Lodge entre les réservations. Pour cette raison, et jusqu'à nouvel ordre, notre heure de départ sera à 9h30 le jour du départ et l'enregistrement sera à 17h00 pour permettre à notre équipe de nettoyer non seulement au niveau élevé que vous attendez normalement, mais tous pour répondre à toutes les mesures supplémentaires requises par les lignes directrices.

Injury, Loss or Damage to Persons or Property
  • Whilst all care is taken, BlackRock Ski Lodge is not responsible for any personal injury, loss or damage to personal effects howsoever arising at the Lodge during or after a guest’s stay.
  • Guests are responsible for ensuring that all doors and windows are closed and locked at all times, both in the bedrooms and in the communal areas.
  • Guests are also requested not to burn candles or other naked flames in the Lodge. Neither we, nor our representatives, can be held responsible for any circumstances beyond our control including, but not limited to, mechanical breakdown, adverse weather conditions, illness or failure of any public service supply.
  • Although we take all reasonable steps to ensure our parking facilities are secure, BlackRock Ski Lodge will not be liable for any loss or damage or loss to vehicles whilst parked on our premises.
BlackRock Ski Lodge strongly recommends that all guests arrange appropriate insurance cover for the duration of their stay, including cancellation cover, personal belongings and public liability. Insurance is not covered in the package of the stay. Please note, guests intending to undertake some of the extra activities available in the area (e.g. paragliding, glacier walking, off-piste and ‘heli-skiing’, mountain biking, road cycling etc.) need to ensure that the insurance taken specifically includes full cover for such activities, as they fall outside of regular travel insurance coverage. It is the responsibility of you and all members of your party to ensure the insurance cover purchased is suitable and adequate for your particular requirements. BlackRock Ski Lodge is in no way responsible/liable for your costs if you fail to do so.
Jacuzzi, Sauna and Swimming Pool

The Jacuzzi and sauna and swimming pool (summer only) are included free of charge between the hours of 6.30am and 10pm. Children under 18 using these facilities may do so only when accompanied and supervised by a parent or responsible adult. No glass is permitted in the jacuzzi. Smoking in and around the jacuzzi is also prohibited. Guests are reminded to put the cover back on the jacuzzi after use. 

These facilities are used at the guest's own risk and BlackRock Ski Lodge does not take any responsibility for any accidents occurred when using these facilities.

It is your responsibility to ensure that you are medically safe to use these facilities. We will not be liable for any accidents or injuries arising from using the Jacuzzi, sauna or swimming pool with us that relate to your individual medical conditions, save that nothing in these terms and conditions will limit the liability of any person for death or personal injury caused by negligence.

Should you lose any of your keys, you must notify BlackRock Ski Lodge immediately. A charge of 50€ per key will be made for any lost keys.
Law and Jurisdiction
These conditions and terms of contract and all matters arising there from are subject to the laws of England and French regulations. In the event of dispute, the client will be subject to the jurisdiction of the courts of England.
Open Log Fire
There is a fire in the Snug which is available for all guests to enjoy. To meet current regulations and for your own safety and that of other guests you must, should you use the fire, pull down and close the glass guard before leaving the snug or going to bed (even if you think that the fire has completely gone out). This is to ensure that no embers can reignite or spark a fire in the Lodge.
Pets are not permitted at the Lodge.
Self-Catered Holidays
Full use of the Lodge and all its facilities as outline in these terms and conditions is included together with the use of: • the fully equipped kitchen and cooking facilities for self-catering (large 6-gas burner top oven), refrigerator, kitchen utensils (pots, pans, serving dishes, plates, cutlery etc). Basic condiments (salt, pepper, selection of herbs, spices and sauces). • washing machine (tumble dryer is available at an additional cost).
Short Stays and Booking Extensions
We charge a percentage of the total week for those wishing to stay for a shorter period or to extend their stay by less than a week. Our charges are as follows based on the weekly charge: 1 day – 60% 2 days – 70% 3 days – 80% 4 days – 90% 5 -7 days – 100%
Smoking is strictly prohibited within the confines of the Lodge, you are however welcome to smoke outside on either of the terraces. All cigarette/cigar ends must be disposed of in the ash trays/sand boxes made available. Do not put out cigarette ends on the wooden terraces as this could cause a fire, or damage to the property. No smoking is allowed on any of the external balconies.
• Our VIP Driver service is included in the price of our fully-catered holidays and is available between 0800-1800 on 60 minutes’ notice to the driver. • Transfers in the Chalet vehicles are provided as a free service to our guests (except those trips which are advised to the guest as being not part of your holiday and subject to additional cost). We take no responsibility for death or personal injury caused through use of this service. In the event of bad weather, breakdown, illness or accident, we cannot guarantee that the Chalet vehicle will be available to transport guests, and we are under no obligation to provide free alternative transport. The Chamonix Valley has a public bus system which is provides for free to anyone with a ski pass. • BlackRock Ski Lodge reserves the right to refuse transport to anyone who may compromise the safety of the vehicle, its driver and passengers.
Waiver Clause
Should either party fail to insist on the performance of any of these terms and conditions, or waive any breach of any of the said terms and conditions, it shall not be construed as a waiver of the relevant terms and conditions, and such terms and conditions shall continue and remain in full force and effect as if no such forbearance or waiver had occurred.